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Contouring can seem so complicated with the various colors you see painted all over the face.

Never fear, we have the only contouring tip you will EVER need for giving your face a perfect beat:

Everything that’s receding is darker. Everything that comes forward is lighter.

Eva Jane Bunkley, makeup artist and founder of The Makeup Bullet, shared the above tip when she stopped by Hello Live!, showing us contouring tricks that will have you never using a Snapchat filter again!

All of your highlighter and lighter coloring should be under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, forehead, and chin. Essentially, it should be anywhere you want to make more prominent.


Anything that is receding, or you want to put in the background, should be in a darker color. Rounder cheeks that you want to chisel? Make a dark stroke along your cheek line, suck in your cheeks to expose the bone structure, and draw against it.

For contouring newbies: A great product to try is The Makeup Bullet. This high-definition, cosmetic finger sponge essentially turns your finger into a beauty sponge. It has a nice point to get under the eyes and fix any mistakes. This is the perfect introduction for people who are just starting to experiment with makeup brushes and sponges, but this is also perfect for beauty aficionados.

Look how great our Entertainment Editor’s Shamika Sanders makeup turned out when she used The Makeup Bullet!

Shamika Sanders

Source: Danielle James / Hello Beautiful

I also loved how mine turned out as well. The Makeup Bullet blends your products into your face so smoothly.

Beauties, remember this contouring tip: Use The Makeup Bullet, and you will soon be on your on your way to becoming a contour queen!

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