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MSNBC Anchor Escapes Potential Hate Crime During Iowa Caucus

Famed journalist and feminist, Melissa Harris-Perry shared a harrowing experience that took place in the midst of the Iowa Caucus. Harris-Perry, a professor at Wake Forrest University took her students on a field trip to Iowa to have a hands on experience with electoral process. While sitting in a hotel lobby, Harris-Perry was approached by a man who appeared to have malice intentions towards her. He questioned her qualifications to be a TV journalist and he referenced “Nazi Germany”. Harris-Perry, a survivor of sexual assault said she “froze” and reverted back to her childhood trauma in the midst of the man invading her personal space. Harris-Perry said that the thought of her students missing out on their educational opportunity because this man may have harmed her gave her the confidence to jump back and put space between she and the man. The journalist and her friend began to yell and cause a scene until the suspect left the lobby and drove away. Harris-Perry also shared that the hotel failed to pay much attention to her report of the incident because of the ongoing caucus. AJC Center

Students Claim They Were Assaulted On The Bus For The Color Of Their Skin

Asha Burwell is using social media to report an alleged hate crime. She, along with two other black students from the State University of New York Albany were riding a bus when they got into a racially charged argument with 10 to 12 people. “I just got jumped on a bus while people hit us and called us the “n” word and NO ONE helped us” said Asha via Twitter. Allegedly the three women of color were beaten and kicked by their white classmates. Two of the ladies sought medical attention at the Albany Medical Center for minor scrapes on their faces. “Called SUNY police and they didn’t even seem concerned, just transferred us to Albany police who told us they should’ve helped” added Asha in a series of tweets. Her story has since gone viral prompting a response from University President Robert Jones. “I am deeply concerned, saddened and angry about this incident,” he said in a letter to the student body. “There is no place in the UAlbany community for violence, no place for racial intolerance and no place for gender violence.” Jones said he will work with authorities to get video footage from the bus in hopes of identifying the students involved. Huffington Post

Cops Associate Excessive Paperwork With Spike In Crime

Once Ferguson, Missouri erupted in social justice protests following the death of Mike Brown, officers dubbed an increase in crime, particularly in Chicago the “Ferguson Effect”. Apparently, officers passed up opportunities prevent a crime from happening because they were afraid that they would be filmed in vilified in the media. Chicago officers are now calling the same situation the “ACLU effect.” After the controversy that followed the death of Laquan McDonald, Chicago is imploring various accountability methods on to police who have a history of being associated with brutality. The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois (ACLU) has been tasked with monitoring police stops. The ACLU now requires officers to fill out a two page report in conjunction with every stop, previously officers had to fill out brief one page “contact cards”. In January 2016, Chicago already had 50 murders, making it the single most deadliest month on record since 2001. In comparison, there were 28 murders in January 2015 and 20 in January 2014. According to Karen Sheley, director of police practices for the ACLU, other cities, including New York have decreased their excessive use of “stop and frisk” on minorities which did not lead to an increase in crime. Chicago Sun Times

City Uses Resources To Arrest Aggressive Homeless Beggars 

Most drivers encounter homeless people at traffic lights where they asks for money as well as water and food. Typically harmless, many of the panhandlers are military veterans as well as individuals that may have been afflicted with mental illness. In Dallas, Texas, there are apparently an alarming number of panhandlers that refuse to take “no” for an answer and have tried to rob residents walking through the city. Plainclothes officers will take panhandlers to Dallas County jail, and a magistrate will decide whether to hold them on bond or let them go upon arrival (as many jails typically deal with overcrowdedness) These homeless people can literally go from begging, being arrested, having a charge added to their record, then back to begging in the same day. The police procedures are in response to complaints from people who work and reside in the area. Real estate developer Tanya Ragan, thinks removing the appearance of the beggars from the city is “a great first step”. There are however some people who think this move is an ineffective use of police resources. Dallas resident, Cristina Marshall who lives and works in the area said, “They’re just down and out [but] they’re like the rest of us. One day, that could be me. And I would want someone to be kind to me.” Dallas News


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