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With no secret service in site, President Obama took a walk on the wild side, literally. The President traded in his suit for a fashionable black turtle neck and a gray windbreaker so he could hike up an Alaskan mountain.

What was Obama doing in Alaska when he could be in Chicago or Ferguson…? He was filming an episode of the British adventure reality show,

NBC recently aired the special where the President participated in the show to promote the importance of climate change.

“I don’t want grandkids too soon, but eventually I hope this is there for them” said the President referring to the mountains, rivers and glaciers the pair observed during their hike.

The President has previously given speeches on the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and greenhouse gases that are emitted into the air. But his appearance on Running Wild was no speech. It was a rare look at the President seeming calm, cool and collected.

According to The Guardian, Obama “made tea from glacier water and munched on a bloody salmon previously chewed by a bear in the wilderness.”

In true reality show style, the President also did a confessional where he talked to the camera and shared his thoughts on the experience.

“I’m in what’s called the bubble and secret service makes sure that I’m always out of danger, which I very much appreciate but it can be a little confining,” he said. “So to be with Bear in the woods: it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Host Bear Grylls told reporters that Obama said their taping, “was one of the best days of his presidency.”

With Michelle Obama being excited that she’ll be able to shop at Target once they leave The White House, we now know see President Obama has an affinity for nature and camping. How precious!


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