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Former Indiana Senator Dan Coats is denying a connection to the Ku Klux Klan. Coats’ name was on a list released as a teaser on Monday by the group Anonymous. The “hacktivist” organization says those named are members of the KKK. They plan to release a bulk list of 1,000 politicians across the U.S., and others, they say have ties to the domestic terrorist organization, including phone numbers and email addresses. The organization says, “they have done their due diligence.” Coats vehemently denies any connection with the following Tweets:

Another person who was “outted” by the group is the mayor of Lexington, Kentucky. He’s Jim Gray. Gray is also denying that he’s a KKK member. Gray also took to Twitter to say the allegation is “false, insulting and ridiculous.” He added that he is opposed to everything the KKK stands for. 

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