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Philadelphia’s own Vivian Green is back from her hiatus with a brand new single and a new album. Vivid will be released this Friday, August 7th. Her new single, Get Right Back To My Baby, features a sample from Maze ft. Frankie Beverly.

“I talked to Frankie Beverly, he loves the song,” says Green. “When it plays, Mr. Beverly gets most of the money, so no problem. And he likes it. It’s really cool to have the stamp of approval from such a legend. I’ve opened for him several times, and he’s a nice man.”

So who’s her baby?

“He’s a wonderful, wonderful man. What’s really cool about it is that I was single for almost four years and I love spending time by myself and getting to know myself and sometimes women are afraid of that but we need that time to know ourselves and love ourselves,” says Green. “I think when we’re lonely, we don’t attract the right thing but when you’re together and comfortable with yourself, you attract the right thing,” she says.

Yes, the album reflects the happy state of her love life, but it’s not all sweetness and light. Green says that her first album came out when she was 22, so people always thought she was much older.

“I was really a girl coming into my adulthood, but I’m writing from the perspective of a grown woman now,” says Green. “The whole album is from the perspective of a grown woman, so even if I’m talking about heartbreak, it’s not going to make you want to cry it’s going to make you want to get up and get over it.”

Green took a hiatus between both albums. In the time between her first and second albums, she had her son, whose now 11. She says he was born with an unknown syndrome but after 5 years old, he improved dramatically.

“When I was pregnant, they told me that he was going to die and I could legally abort him but he had starting moving by that time and I couldn’t do it,” says Green. She says “unknown syndrome” is a disorder that they don’t know what it is or what’s causing it. During the pregnancy, Green says that she was told an array of horrific outcomes, but when he was born, most of them hadn’t happened and she said she knew she could deal with whatever was next.


“I was praying everyday and when he got here, it wasn’t what they said so I knew I could do it,” says Green. “He’s tiny, he’s 11 and he probably looks like he’s 8. His index finger and his thumb share the same bone so he doesn’t have opposition in his thumbs,” says Green. Doctors said he could have plastic surgery but I thought it was a decision he could make when he got older,” she says. “God is so good that he can do everything they said he couldn’t do. Everything that they said he couldn’t do, he can do. It really affected my career because I came back in 2010 and the whole game had changed. Social media was out and everything. But I don’t regret it. You do what you have to do for your family.”



Vivid Tracklisting

1.Jordan’s Intro

2.The One That Got Away


4.I’m Not Broken

5.All I Want Is You

6.Get Right Back To My Baby


8.The Interlude With Cayman Kelly


10.Just Like Fools

11.Count Your Blessings

12.Leave It All Behind

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