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The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 took the concept of revenge up a notch on this week’s episode full of pettiness. Karlie and Sina team up to get back at KD, Stevie gets the ultimate revenge on Nikko, Bambi secretly makes plans to pursue her career with the help of another man not named Scrappy and Tami gets under Kalenna’s skin by revealing some startling information to Rasheeda.

Let’s check out how it all went down with this week’s LHHATL recap.

Tami and Kalenna’s argument continues to escalate as Rasheeda and the security guards struggle to keep them apart. Kalenna becomes increasingly infuriated when Tami continues to suggest that she’s broke and struggling. Tami says she only mentioned Kaleena being broke to get back at her for disrespecting Deb, but would not have done so otherwise as she is aware that everyone hits financial rough patches from time to time. Rasheeda follows as security escorts Tami out of the club just as Tony approaches Kalena to find out what happened. Outside, Rasheeda is shocked when Tami tells her that she knew Kaleena was a “snake” when she called Tami to gossip about Rasheeda. Meanwhile inside the club, Kalenna hints at suspecting Rasheeda of discussing she and Tony’s money problems with Tami, as she says Rasheeda is the only person who could have given this information to Tami.

Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash Block Party

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Erica and Scrappy come together for their daughter Emani’s 10th birthday party. Bambi is also in attendance at the party and Erica is hopeful that the two of them can keep the peace at least for the day to allow Emani to enjoy her party. Bambi expresses her frustration with feeling like an outsider at the party because of Erica’s dislike for her and Momma Dee’s ever-changing disposition. While she understands that Scrappy, Erica and their daughter Emani will always be a family, she says she is now beginning to long for a family of her own.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Take Over Hosted By Stevie J & Joseline, Scrappy & Bambi

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Bambi later tells Tami that she’s back focusing on her career is planning to secretly attend the release party for a new music video that she participated in without Scrappy’s knowledge.

Mimi Faust

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Stevie meets up with Mimi to tell her of his plans to move to L.A.  to begin filming he and Joseline’s movie. Mimi worries that Stevie’s relationship with their daughter Eva will suffer with him being so far away and is also concerned about losing Stevie as the other business partner for MF Management. She brings him up to speed on the progress with Jessica Dime and Tiffany Fox, telling him that Jazzy Phae wants to work with Tiffany but that Tiffany is also eager to get in the studio with Stevie. Stevie agrees that Tiffany has star potential and agrees to help Mimi take her to the top. Stevie turns his attention to all of the drama that Nikko and Margeaux have been causing for Mimi and says he may have a plan to help even things out.

Sina visits Karlie’s shop to introduce herself and vent about her hatred for KD. Karlie is cautious about Sina’s intentions for visiting her, but loosens up as the two of them bond over losing their relationships with Joc because of his inability to leave KD alone. Karlie tells Sina that she has a plan to get KD back for ruining their relationships.

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Kalenna visits Rasheeda at the studio as she is working on some new music with Kirk. The ladies recap what happened with Tami at the club and Kalenna questions Rasheeda about why she left with Tami and never returned to check on her. Rasheeda then brings up what Tami said and asks her about Tami’s claim that Kalenna called her to gossip about Rasheeda. During the course of their heated discussion, it comes out that both ladies made comments to Tami that the other felt was inappropriate considering their long-running friendship. Kalenna sheds a tear as she abruptly leaves the studio when their argument escalates.

Later, Tony tells Kalenna that he thinks she may be suffering from postpartum depression & suggests that they see a counselor.

Stevie J

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Stevie meets up with his business partner and they are discussing reaching out to Margeaux about a possible collaboration when Scrappy walks in. Scrappy reveals that although he and Stevie have had their issues in the past, they’ve since patched things up and are on good terms. The guys bond when they realize that they attended the same rehab center. Stevie then fills Sscrappy in on his plan to seek revenge against Nikko and Margeaux by secretly arranging a photo shoot for her with his business partner’s new magazine, which will allow him to make money off of Margeaux the same way Nikko has been making money off of Mimi.

Mimi Faust Hosts Aurum Lounge

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Margeaux and Nikko are in the middle of her magazine shoot (that was secretly arranged by Stevie) when Stevie walks in to their surprise. When Nikko questions who let Stevie into the shoot, Stevie proudly informs him that he is part owner of the magazine. Stevie says he doesn’t have anything against Margeaux, but rather arranged the shoot as a way to get back at Nikko. Margeaux becomes frustrated with Stevie as he and Nikko begin to argue. When she suggests that Stevie pay her $10k for the cover shoot, he inquires as to what accomplishments she has under her belt that warrant a $10,000 paycheck. Nikko steps in and ushers Margeaux out of the shoot while he and Stevie continue trading insults on his way out.

Karlie arrives at the launch party for her Redd Entertainment record label with her new “boyfriend” Lyfe Jennings. Sina later arrives and she and Karlie discuss their “payback” plan for KD, who shows up unaware that Karlie is involved with the event.  After quickly realizing that she was set up by Karlie, KD decides to stay and confront both women. As expected, things soon take a turn for the rowdy after Sina accuses KD of faking her recently-suspected pregnancy before finding out that she wasn’t pregnant with Joc’s child. Things get physical and end with KD throwing money at Karlie and Sina, which prompts Karlie to throw a drink on her.


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