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Former U.N. ambassador Andrew Young had a scary moment yesterday when he was taken to an Atlanta hospital Monday afternoon as a precaution after a cement truck overturned on a car he was riding in.

“We were right down the street from my office and waiting at the red light, a cement truck came across the red light. When he tried to swerve to miss [another car] the whole dump truck fell over on my car. I hope the brother wasn’t texting. He swerved and the heavy weight of cement fell on my car. It crushed the car that ran under it but everybody got up and walked away,”  Ambassador Young said.

Young was sitting in the front seat, and his driver, an ex-Marine, went to help the driver of the other car involved. Young says his worst injury was a bruise to his knee, which he probably injured trying to protect his head from the impact.

“They said ‘You really are lucky’ and I said ‘When Martin Luther King left me at 39, he left me with a hell of lot to do. I got to keep on doing it, because I ain’t got time to die,” Young says. “I don’t know this to be a fact, but for the brother to be coming across 2 red lights at 35 miles per hour, maybe he had his girlfriend on his mind or he was talking to someone on the phone. The thing about Atlanta is that we built a great city for 2 and a half million people, but now we’ve got 6 and a half million people.”

Young, who remains active in civil rights and progressive politics, is the head of the Andrew Young Foundation. He initially didn’t want to go to the hospital as he realized that it would make the news. Once he did go, he was X-rayed and was deemed fine, but was held overnight just for observation and is now resting at home.

“It was an interesting experience. I saw the truck coming but I didn’t have time to panic,” Young says. “When it hit, I jumped out to see what happened to the other guy.”

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