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Mary Mary Season 4

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In this week’s episode, the music of Mary Mary is being inducted into the Library of Congress so Erica and Tina travel to Washington. D.C. for the ceremony.  The sisters are thrilled about this honor but a happy occasion quickly turns tense for Erica — when asked when a new Mary Mary album will be out Tina says that a 2016 release is likely…even though a new album isn’t in the works!  That night the sisters perform at The Howard Theatre and despite some pre-show technical difficulties, the duo puts on a crowd-pleasing show.  Erica is committed to a solo show the next day for the NAACP but is exhausted and just wants to go home to her family.  She tries to cajole her sister into taking over the gig for but Tina stands her ground and refuses.   Even Erica’s attempt to sway her by bringing it up on camera during a TV interview fails.  Finally back home, Erica breaks the news to Warryn that Tina gave a release date for their next album, which doesn’t go over well.  But when he talks it over with with his sister-in-law, Warryn’s message falls on deaf ears; Tina doesn’t just understand what the big deal is.  Meanwhile, Erica isn’t happy and has a lot of decisions to make.  After a heart-to-heart with Warryn and a meeting with her former manager Kenneth Crear, she realizes her solo career and Mary Mary can’t peacefully coexist and something has to give — and that something is Mary Mary.  Will this finally bring about an end to the successful sister act?

In the clip, Erica is exhausted and asked Tina to cover a gig for her while they’re in D.C. so she can finally go home to her family.  Tina refuses so Erica isn’t happy with her sister right now.  This all takes place right before they have an on-camera interview and the spat spills over!

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