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Shawn Bullard, one of the finest bachelors we’ve ever seen look for love on TV is finally making his pick tonight on We TV’s Match Made In Heaven. While we have absolutely fallen in love with his beautiful man, the women on the show have fought tooth and nail for his affections. He’s now down to three women–Cristina, Angela and Jade. These three women couldn’t be more different and Shawn has actually developed feelings for them. But why the heck is this gorgeous, successful man on a reality show, looking for love? He says he’s here to raise women’s dating standards and how we’re treated on reality TV.

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Shawn owns a successful real estate company and is obviously one of the most gorgeous men we’ve ever seen, so calling him a catch is an understatement. “This show has made me more of a man,” Shawn tells us exclusively. And when we weren’t watching his pillowy pink lips move up and down, we think we heard him clarify why his mom, Maggie Bullard and his spiritual adviser, Pastor Ken Johnson are on the show, “The show shows the credentials a man need growing up to become a phenomenal person–the influence of a great parent, my mom and a spiritual advisor, which is Pastor Ken Johnson.”

Check out these exclusive hints into who Shawn may choose tonight on “Match Made In Heaven!”


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