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On his conflict with Detrick Haddon: Detrick and I have a disagreement. I didn’t come at Detrick judging him. I genuinely love and care for Detrick – he’s my friend. When I married him – I stepped in for Bishop Noel Jones – I didn’t know [his wife] was pregnant for a second time. I didn’t know the details behind that. I love his kids and I love his wife. I’m so thankful they have such a wonderful family. I just want to make sure that there’s not this underlying current that is in his life that would destroy his marriage. I like to set people up for a long, healthy marriage, if I can. If there’s something that’s underneath the surface, getting married doesn’t make it go away. I would have still married them; I just wanted to know all the facts.

On people who have unrealistic views of what preachers should be like: People expect their pastors to be just like Jesus. The reality is we have bad days just like everybody else. We have families, we have marital issues, we have congregational issues, just like everybody else. But we should be working at a certain level of success to be doing what we do.

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