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Post-breakup rebound sex is a real thing (duh), says a new study from University of Missouri. Out of the 170 undergraduate subjects tested, 35 percent were getting hot and heavy with a new partner within four weeks of their respective break ups, researchers noted in the online journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. While these results are far from shocking, there is a significant catch: the same participants who got down with someone new suffered more long-term emotional distress than those who didn’t have sex. Bummer? You know it.


Before you committ yourself to a semester of celibacy, consider that having an exciting (and R-rated experience) might be just the thing to help break you out of your broken-hearted funk. So how do you know if you’re ready to start meeting new guys–or if you should spend a few more days hiding under the covers alone? We asked three experts for their feelings on whether the best way to get over someone was to get under someone else. Read on for their advice on how best to nurse a broken heart.


How Do You Really Feel?: “The end of a relationship is a death of sorts,” says celebrity psychotherapist Elizabeth Winkler (@EWinklertherapy). “It’s not just about the loss of the relationship, but it’s also about losing what you thought [the relationship] it could be.” While this explanation may leave you dreading the days after your split, it also may help you recover faster in the long-term. Winkler notes you need to allow yourself time to heal, since immediately immersing yourself with someone new won’t necessarily help you get over your ex any faster.

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