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Step 1

Embrace your sexuality. It is natural for women to enjoy sex just as much as men. Consider yourself a sexual being, and act on an urges that you feel. Initiate sex with your man at least half of the times you find yourself in the mood.

  • Step 2

    Be fearless. Men and women are equally afraid of rejection. Men enjoy having the moves put on them from time to time, and it is unlikely that you will meet with much resistance. Take solace in that fact and let it fuel your confidence.

  • Step 3

    Keep it simple. You don’t have to channel Pamela Anderson to initiate sex with your man. He will appreciate a come hither stare and a good kiss just as much as a racy outfit and a lap dance, especially if you rarely make the first move. So take a small step outside your comfort zone, and the benefits will be great.

  • Step 4

    Go with the flow. Just because you initiate the encounter doesn’t mean you have to dominate the whole experience. Make the first move to let your man know that you are interested. Then allow nature to take its course.

  • Step 5

    Enjoy your new skill. If you initiate sex with your man occasionally, then your sexual confidence will grow, adding a new spark to your sex life.