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Know The Type of Man You Want

This has to be one of the most important tips, because if you don’t know what kind of man you want, you’ll end up with the wrong kind of man and hence wind up in a bad relationship.

So if you want a practical relationship advice for women pertaining to bad relationships, take time to know what you want to achieve when you start a family.

But do beware of instant attraction at the same time. Some men might look like your ideal man at first sight, and you might just fall head over heels in love with him without thinking twice.

So if you find yourself irresistibly attracted to a man you just met, learn to be cautious and take it slow. You might end up with the right kind of man but with wrong character traits or values.

Be Aware of His Flaws

It’s true that no man is perfect, and whatever man you’ve decided to go for, you should accept both his strengths and his flaws. So for example, if you like ambitious men, be prepared that they’ll spend more time at work than with you.

Learn to read the early warning signs that your man is getting out of hand. So if you see that your man is turning into a cheater, physical abuser, alcoholic or compulsive gambler, then you need to exit the relationship as soon as you can.

And be firm when you need to exit the relationship. Or else, you can find it really hard to leave sometimes.

Learn to Trust Your Instincts

Humans have instincts for a reason, and women’s instincts are usually sharper than that of men. That is why using your instincts is an advice you’ll usually only find in relationship advices for women.

Come to think about it, if you’ve been reading a lot of other relationship advice for women, haven’t you realized that many of those advices often asked you to use your instincts? That’s because when it comes to women, instincts often lead them to make the right choices.

So if your instincts tell you that your relationship with a man isn’t going to work out, then do something about it.

When it comes to relationship advice for women, learning how to avoid a bad relationship starts with knowing the kind of man you want and then being aware of his flaws. And above all that, learn to trust your instincts. So if you sense that you’re headed for a love disaster, learn to exit quickly so you don’t get trapped in a bad romance.