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Kelly Price was on her way to Mobile, Alabama to perform for her fans at the Funk Fest but her trip started off on the wrong foot when she encountered a rather rude United Airlines employee named Stephanie.

Suffice to say, Kelly wasn’t feeling the 2nd Class treatment she got at the gate when it was time for her to board the flight. She tweeted this…Now the singer/actress has started a petition on blasting what she called the “classist, racist practices hidden in corporate code”.

Here’s the rundown..the drama kicked off Saturday night when Kelly says that a United Airlines agent in Houston named Stephanie asked her to go to the back of the coach passengers line. Kelly says she was in the line with the Premier and First class ticket holders and that Stephanie didn’t check her ticket first before sending her to the back of the “other line”. 

The singer alleges that Stephanie then helped the “nonblack man in a suit” instead of her. Kelly tweeted that the co-workers stood by while the agent yelled at her and when Stephanie realized her mistake (and that Kelly was indeed a Premier and First Class ticketholder), she didn’t apologize.

The Queens native kept it classy and filed a formal complaint with United Airlines, but she didn’t stop there. She also started a petition titled “Demand United Airlines Treat ALL Passengers Fairly”. After talking about her ordeal, Kelly tweeted: “I wish I knew 600,000 miles ago what I know now about @United. 600k that would be the # of miles I’ve flown on YOUR airline in the last 5yrs.

Kelly says her complaint isn’t about money or fame, but about her civil rights being violated and that no one (celebrity or regular folks) should have to put up with that. So far more than 1000 people have signed the petition. Given the track record of and the major movements it has sparked around the country, it’s likely this petition will reach the necessary eyes and ears in the corporate office, possibly sparking a change in the company…or at least getting Kelly a sincere apology.

What do you think about Kelly Price’s petition? Wanna sign it…click here!