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*Shortly after confirming that she said yes to the preacher, actress Meagan Good decided that it’s time for her to keep it 100 with the youth and talk about her faith a little more openly.

The actress, currently starring in “Think Like A Man,”  recently told the Fearless Girls Club, she encouraged young girls, especially those dealing with image issues and battling depression to look to God for strength in those hard times, reminding them that everyone has a purpose to serve on the planet.

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She addressed girls who have considered or may be considering suicide as an answer.

“What you’re supposed to do in the world, nobody else can do,” she told the girls. “So, now you’re gone. So now it’s not gonna get done, and what you didn’t do is going to affect so many other people’s lives.”

As far as Meagan’s purpose in life, she revealed that she’s always felt it important to speak with teen girls in some capacity. Growing up wasn’t the easiest for the star. In fact, she admitted that since she was 14 years old, she’s been supporting the family.

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But through it all, it was God, prayer, and daily reading of the Bible that kept her from growing weary.

“It uplifts me to a point where I feel like I have the energy and I have the strength to get through whatever the day brings,” she explained.

And as far as her strength, she now has a committed man willing to be her extra piece of strength. In a recent interview she described the proposal.

“I drew a complete blank. Because I had no idea what was going on and it took me a moment to figure out what was even going on in the moment. Once I realized what was going on, my whole brain just shut down. It just went into complete shock. I heard half of what he was saying but there was a whole portion of it that was like a black hole of shock and emotion. Wow, this is really happening right now. It’s kind of a surreal moment. It’s like you’re in an alternate universe.”