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I’ve been hearing nice comments about our city this week.

“Everyone is so nice!” ” Wow,are Hoosiers really this nice?”

“Why are you all so nice?”

To be honest people are nice here. Now, are we putting on the charm because the whole world is in our city… of course! When you host someone over to your home, you clean up and put a pep in your step and greet your guests with a smile, right? Well, of course you do! It’s the right thing to do!

What do you think about all the kindness… do you think it’s just right or over done?

Here is what our Mayor had to say….

“The last three or four years, I’ve been on Radio Row at Super Bowls, telling people how great our Super Bowl was going to be in Indianapolis,” Mayor Greg Ballard said. “Now, I go by Radio Row, and those same people are telling me how great it’s been.”

The biggest complaint I’ve heard from my brethren so far is, “You people are too nice.”

I respond to this complaint by cursing them out, because I want them to feel like they’re back home in New York or Boston.

I don’t know if Indianapolis will ever get another Super Bowl. When I addressed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about it Friday, he lauded Indy but gave a rather tepid response, noting how it’s only the fourth quarter of Indy’s Super Bowl experience.

Asked if Indy is a viable option in future years, he said, “Sure it is. We’re here and they’re doing a fantastic job. We’ve got a weekend still to go and a game to put on. I know everybody in Indianapolis is focused on the future. But we want to make sure this week turns out to be what everyone has worked so hard for.”