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Make room for family. Emphasis on family is tops in helping people to live longer, more satisfied lives.

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    Eat a balanced diet. Science is learning more and more about nutrition with all things pointing to the basics. Eat more fruits and vegetables, less starches, trade white or processed foods and breads for whole grain and whole wheat, and choose fresh over packaged

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  • Keep your weight under control. Keeping your weight under control can help you live longer, and healthier, by helping you avoid the conditions that play havoc with your body.

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  • Be positive. People with positive, half glass full attitudes, are not only more pleasant to be around, but feel better. Good mood and attitude play a big role in how you feel. Approach things at a more relaxed pace to live a longer life. Laugh and don’t worry. You’ll feel better and may just live longer.

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    Exercise. Regular exercise, at least 30 minutes a day as has been suggested.

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  • Get a pet. Health Reports was the first to note that heart attack patients with pets lived 28 percent longer Pets help you to relax and help you to get outside of your self. Owning a pet helps older persons living alone to keep focused, feel needed and gives them a sense of purpose.

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    Stop smoking. Stopping will hopefully stop further damage and give your cells time to repair themselves. Better yet, don’t start.

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