Whats Happening

The sun is shining so bright, it’s hard to try to sleep in.  It may not be spring yet, but we do have to spring ahead in time this weekend as time changes this Sunday at 2am.  Remember to set your clocks before you go to bed tonight.  Let’s not think about sleeping now because […]

What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be.   Now lets get ready for the week by starting off with family fun. Or just some time with adults trying to get ready for the full week ahead. How about Wine and Zumba?  That sounds like a perfect workout.  First my abs then my mind…LOL. […]

Danielle Spencer played the bratty little sister Dee on the late-’70s sitcom, ‘ What’s Happening!!’ After the show ended in 1978, Spencer went on to Tuskeegee University where she completed a degree in veterinary science and became a veterinarian. The 49 year old Spencer stopped by the TJMS to talk about her days on the […]

Remember Rodge from "What's Happening", and Thelma from Good Times? Well here is a gallery that pays tribute to those lost but not forgotten African American TV Sitcoms.