INDIANAPOLIS — A south side woman and her brother found themselves at gunpoint after doing something many people do without thinking, especially this time of year. They arranged to sell a video game system through an app in an effort to make some extra cash. Kimberlee Arnold and her brother met a man in the […] announced that Havoc and Lil Kim will perform tonight at the BET Award’s to honor the death of Prodigy from Mobb Deep. It may not be such a happy event because according to, Lil Kim, is being named as a person of interest for a robbery that occurred this weekend. reports that […]


Steven Sampson, a 41-year-old NYC EMT worker, faces criminal charges after authorities reveal he fabricated a robbery on Christmas morning.

The dark shadow of Kim Kardashian's robbery is still lingering in Paris, according to a local police chief.

It's been weeks since Kim Kardashian's traumatic Paris robbery, but footage from the hotel security cameras has finally surfaced.

Everyone from the LAPD to Sean Kingston's mom are part of what went down in the Game and Meek Mill's beef.

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Drake lost it after learning his tour bus had been robbed in Arizona.

Kevin Hart's home was broken into over the weekend.

Chicago police arrested and charged a second suspect in the death of a woman who fled from armed robbery. Up to eight suspects could have been involved in the robbery attempt.

It seems these days, rapper DMX can't stay on the straight and narrow path

The bullet went through Officer Couch's eye and pierced his brain.

Bobby Love, born Walter Miller, was released from prison on Jan. 5 after his true identity was revealed to his wife of 30 years and their four children. In 1977, Love escaped from prison in North Carolina, where he was serving a 10-year sentence for a bank robbery.