FISHERS — An Indianapolis family has filed a tort claim indicating their plans to sue the Fishers Police Department for racial profiling. The tort claim states new parents Malcom Bunnell and Caitlin White were “pulled over, held at gunpoint, arrested and detained based on the color of their skin” on April 21. The father, told […]

They wanted simply to return two items. But store employees questioned whether they really bought the pricey merchandise.

One man took a stand for the racially profiled kids in his neighborhood.


Tulsa police claim Terence Crutcher was on PCP, had a vial of the drug in his car, and the officer who shot him meant to pull her taser.


The family of Terence Crutcher is demanding answers after a Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer shot and killed the 40-year-old last week.


“The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery,” the officer says. “The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose,” the officer continues.

Supreme Court justice Manuel Mendez says Macy's abused a state law statue that allows retailers to temporarily detain and fine said persons. The state law was created to prevent teens who were detained for allegedly shoplifting from racking up criminal records.

Donald Trump is an advocate for racial profiling and it’s time for African-Americans and people of color to embrace the Dump Trump movement. Last week, Trump said it’s time for the United States to start looking at racial profiling to prevent mass shootings in the aftermath of the Orlando attack where 49 people were killed […]


A New Jersey police chief who allegedly wrote an email defending racial profiling of "suspicious Black people in White neighborhoods," has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the correspondence.

Cincinnati police launch an internal investigation of an officer's arrest of a Black man for jaywalking. The man self-recorded the video and claims his rights were violated.


About a dozen Black NYPD officers filed a lawsuit against their department claiming they were pressured to implement racism in their practices.

Trayon Christian was awarded $45,000 from the company this week. The incident happened in April 2013, when the then 19-year-old went to the Manhattan location to purchase a $348 Ferragamo belt. Barneys employees allegedly believed he bought the belt with a fraudulent credit card.