Jason Cantrell, 43, is, oops! was, an assistant city attorney for New Orleans when he made the mistake of coming to work with his drug of choice…a joint.   He showed up to magistrate court to perform his normal duties and stopped to have a chat with officers.  But mid-conversation, a joint popped out of […]

Meriden, Conn., police and the Department of Children and Families (DCF) were called, after a 4-year-old special needs preschooler pulled out marijuana to share with his classmates at snack time. SEE ALSO: Bank Robber Shoots Himself In The Foot (VIDEO) The child’s teacher at Hanover Elementary School told investigators that she witnessed the child pulling […]

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The investigation into the largest marijuana bust at a cross-border tunnel followed a familiar timeline. It began in May and ended in November. The secret passage linking warehouses in San Diego and Tijuana – equipped with a hydraulic lift, electric rail carts and a wooden staircase – highlights an emerging seasonal […]

WASHINGTON — The White House has rejected several petitions calling for the legalization of marijuana including one that would stop the federal government from interfering with individual states’ marijuana laws. The government has recently began shutting down marijuana dispensaries in California and has pledged to continue to do so. California Votes Down Marijuana Legalization Measure […]

Hundreds of New York parents are entangled in child neglect cases after being found with or admitting to using small amounts of  marijuana. Despite the fact that these parents face little or no criminal charges, New York’s child welfare agency is pursuing these incidents and in some cases taking children from their homes. In one […]

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams estimates that the city has saved an estimated $2 million since his office decided to prosecute certain marijuana possession cases as a summary offense, rather than misdemeanors. Williams instituted the Small Amount of Marijuana (SAM) program in June 2010, which allows offenders with less than 30 grams of marijuana topay […]

MIAMI-Elizabeth Hunt was arrested in South Florida for selling marijuana out of the Subway restaurant she worked for. The New York Daily News reports: Cops said customers who wanted their subs with a side of green would say the password while ordering and then drop $10 into Hunt’s tip jar. “The ‘extra meat’ was a […]

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against a Kentucky man who was arrested after police burst into his apartment without a search warrant because they smelled marijuana and feared he was trying to get rid of incriminating evidence. Voting 8-1, the justices reversed a Kentucky Supreme Court ruling that threw out the evidence […]

ABOTTABAD, PAKISTAN-According to reports, marijuana plants were found on the outside of Bin Laden’s compound where he was killed. The New York Daily News reports: Reporters at Bin Laden’s million-dollar hideout discovered small plots of marijuana growing in the deserted lots on the compound’s perimeter. The dope plants were planted on three sides of the […]

WASHINGTON – There should be no such thing as too poor to buy pot if you live in D.C., at least if the marijuana is for a medical condition. That’s part of the conclusion of a new law enacted in the nation’s capital earlier this year. The medical marijuana law allows people to legally obtain […]

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