INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman could face up to five years in prison for allegedly using stolen Social Security numbers and a stolen Licensed Practical Nurse number to obtain jobs she wasn’t qualified for while collecting over $50,000 in fraudulent Social Security benefits. Rochelle Perry, 49, of Indianapolis, was indicted by a federal grand jury […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Proactive efforts by the Indiana Department of Revenue to prioritize its tax refund fraud and identity theft prevention program has resulted in a reduction in increased fraud attempts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state said Thursday. In a news release from the Indiana Department of Revenue, the state said on a single […]


The head of the New York City’s corrections union is facing federal corruption charges for allegedly steering $20 million of the union’s money into a hedge fund in exchange for kickbacks. Norman Seabrook, the powerful president of the 11,000 member New York City Correction Officer’s Benevolent Association, was taken into custody by the FBI after being […]


Over that course of time, 14 Central Florida women were arrested and over a dozen people fell victim to identity theft. "The plastic surgery was tummy tucks, breast implants, breast reductions, the Brazilian whatever — whatever you could get with plastic surgery, that's what they were getting done," said Orlando Police Detective Todd Herb in a statement.

"Dr. Love" has caught the attention of the public once again after he was arrested for defrauding an elderly woman for over $30,000.

Melodie Gliniewicz, the widow of disgraced Illinois officer Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, was arrested this week after being charged with money laundering in connection to her husband's crimes.

The 32-year-old was brought to court on Sunday, where she was charged with financial identity fraud, false identification documents, and four counts of practicing registered nursing without a license in Gwinnett County.


According to reports, President Obama has received enough votes to move forward with his Iran nuclear deal.

    Dwight Freeney, who used to play for the Indianapolis Colts is headed to court to sue one of the largest banks in the nation. Freeney claim that the Bank of America allegedly took more than $20 million from him AND made him close his Hollywood restaurant business in California.   SOURCE:

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Can the Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast catch a darn break? Man…we guess not! According to Eben Gregory Cynthia Bailey‘s name is now being drug through…

Apollo Nida‘s legal troubles are causing issues for his wife Phaedra Parks. A new spin-off show starring Parks is in danger, thanks to her husband’s run in with the law. A source at the Bravo network revealed that the series could be placed on hold while execs wait to see the outcome of Nida’s legal issues. Apollo faces […]


27-year-old Ryan Greer racked up one large bill with a stolen credit card. According to reports, Greer ran up a $20,000 bill at the Townsend…