Drive At 5

Join the fun in the #DriveAt 5 Mix with DJ King and Karen Vaughn. They have Mike Epps tickets during the mix for caller 10!

Listen all this week to the Drive at 5 and you can win a pair of tickets to see Fantasia LIVE in Indianapolis! Show is Saturday August 17th at The Murat!

  WOO! Here’s one of the bangers our man, Rusty Redenbacher, LOVES to get into the mix on our Friday night show, ‘CLUB 106.7’. History now tells us that this may have been the very first ‘freestyle’ record. Shannon’s ‘Let The Music Play’ was released in 1983, becoming the one and only Top Ten record […]

  Here’s the song that introduced ‘Little Stevie Wonder, The 12 Year-Old Genius’ to the world! Stevie, thank you for EVERYTHING. WE LOVE YOU, MAN! Happy Birthday!  Listen to @1067WTLC all day to hear Stevie CLASSICS and we get LIVE in the #DRIVEAT5 with an hour of Stevie Wonder in the MIX!