2014 may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to the fashion trends we loved all year. From oversize coats to…

It’s been a major year for magazine covers. They ran the gamut from bold and controversial to compelling and classic. There were covers so stunning we couldn’t stop…

There are many people expecting things in the mail for the holidays this year. In fact, sources say that today is the busiest day of the year and there are about 640 million cards, letters, and even packages that need to be delivered. Due to the overload  local post offices will now be open on […]

According to auto website, “True Car” says that the latest “F-Series” trucks from Ford is  the most popular luxury vehicle purchased this year. They will sell more than750 thousand of the F series truck costing just about $50,000. Check out it out below.         SOURCE: https://www.truecar.com/#/

  Looks like Santa isn’t the only one giving out gifts this year. In Massachusetts, an anonymous person known as the ‘layaway angel’ paid off 150 layaway accounts at their local Toys R Us. The Layaway Angel spent exactly $20,000 and asked to not be identified. What we do know is that the Layaway angel […]

Today is National Ugly Sweater Day. Ugly sweaters can be a little difficult to find. Here are the top 8 places according to the National Ugly Holiday Sweater website where you can find the ugliest sweaters below. 1. Timpsyelves.com 2.Amazon.com 3. theuglychrismas.com 4. ultimateuglychristmas.com 5. youruglychristmassweater.com 6. rustyzipper.com 7. uglychristmassweaterparty.com 8. thesweaterstore.com   Also here’s […]

Last night Mary J. Blige brought down the house with her performance of, “Therapy” during the 2014 American Music Awards.

    After the election many people were either happy or upset. According to New York post it appears that Obama was upset because the Republicans have taken over the senate. This cover was created by Rupert Murdoch-owned publication and is a Photoshop photo of  President Obama’s naked body covering himself with a tilted crown. They […]


More than twenty-five years ago, Spike Lee released his musical-drama “School Daze.” A semi-autobiographical depiction of Lee’s experiences while at Morehouse College, the movie delved…