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Just because you and your boyfriend get into an argument does not mean that you can say whatever you want to him out of anger. Some people believe that anger is like Vegas. What happens there stays there, however Christina Aguilera was right, “….words can bring you down.” Here are the guidelines to being a decent girlfriend:

1. Support your man. Do not use words like loser, crackhead or mark-a** buster for all of my LA people.

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2. Do not share the love with his play cousins: He will not end those relationships because of your betrayal so now you look like a gardening tool. “It Ain’t No Fun If the Homies Can’t Have None,” should not be your mantra; remember never defer to Snoop Dogg.

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3. No matter how angry you get, never make fun of his penis to his face. Keep that conversation for your close girlfriends or Facebook pals only. I do not care if his penis is the size of a mini, party wiener-dog that requires tweezers to handle. You as his girlfriend should never, ever pull out the “tiny penis” card. Even broaching the topic because you are losing an argument is tacky and not to mention the fact that it could get you punched in the mouth.