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By Ruth Manuel-Logan

Luis Alfonzo Sanchez Ortiz, 40, decided that the best way to avoid the temptations of another woman and to stay true to his wife and religion was to castrate himself. The Columbian farmer, who said that his wife would not have sex with him, thought that the procedure would be fool-proof. Wrong! You can watch the video of Sanchez up above. (Note: You can watch the video of Sanchez being interviewed here.)


Sanchez says that he has performed castrations countless times on his farm animals. “I’ve castrated pigs, cats, dogs and three days later they are healed. I thought that is what it was going to be like with me. I had practiced with animals, so I went ahead, put some pressure on my testicles, and cut them, to remove them by force!”

An admitted devout Christian, Sanchez did not want to continue to pester his wife for sex and absolutely did not want to go seeking sexual favors from other women. “When I saw that I could no longer count on her (his wife), so that I wouldn’t keep bothering her, I made the decision to cut my testicles off because I am a Christian and did not want to go look for another partner.”

Sanchez is being treated at a local hospital, and according to one of his attending physicians, his wounds have become infected and there is a ‘complete absence of his testicles.’

Now, would Tiger have considered going this route???