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CINCINNATI — After a big cat was found loose in a Cincinnati neighborhood, humane society rescuers learned their quarry had also been exposed to cocaine.

Ray Anderson, a spokesperson with Cincinnati Animal CARE, Hamilton County’s animal control services provider, said the dog wardens were alerted to reports of a “leopard” spotted in a tree in Oakley on Jan. 28.

The dog wardens were able to retrieve the cat, named Amiry, from the tree and brought it to Cincinnati Animal CARE. Anderson said CAC’s medical team called in a big cat expert known for working on the Tiger King case and the 2011 tragedy in Zanesville, Ohio.

“Our initial thought was the cat was a hybrid F1 Savannah, which is legal to own in Ohio, but our expert was pretty certain Amiry was a serval, which are illegal,” said Anderson.

A DNA test confirmed Amiry was, in fact, a serval.

A narcotics test confirmed Amiry was positive for exposure to cocaine.

Because CAC is not equipped to handle wild animals, Amiry was taken to the Cincinnati Zoo for care. Michelle Curley, spokesperson for the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens said Amiry has been receiving veterinary care in the zoo’s Animal Health Center since he arrived.

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