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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Public School August board meeting was jam-packed with parents eager for answers about the district’s ‘Rebuilding Stronger’ plan. The plan would address academic performance, enrollment, and financial issues facing the district.

“Our resources are finite. We know we are operating on a systems level. So the actions that we take do involve trade-offs as we think about change on a systems level,” IPS superintendent Dr. Aleesia Johnson said.

The plan is lauded as a complete overhaul of the IPS structure, but it has not been revealed yet. However, in a presentation at the board meeting, Johnson shared some possible changes that will likely be included in the plan when it is finalized and released next month. They include creating enrollment zones that would expand school choice, replicating or expanding high-performing schools and closing low-performing schools or ones in poor condition.

It could also move all schools to a K-5, 6-8 model. Currently, the district has schools with many configurations – K-8, K-6, 7-8, K-5, 6-8, etc. District representatives believe this would help create equity in access to academic programs.

Adrienne Kuchik, principal of James A. Garfield School 31, spoke about being unable to provide some programs to her middle school students that they would potentially have access to at a 6-8 school.

“As a K8, I can’t offer algebra to the three eighth graders I have that are ready for that,” Kuchik said.

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