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Armed Bystander Reportedly Kills Mass Shooter At Indiana Mall

Source: Jon Cherry / Getty

INDIANAPOLIS — The Federal Bureau of Investigations said Thursday they can’t retrieve any data from the laptop recovered of the suspect in the Greenwood Park Mall shooting.

The laptop was found in an oven at the suspect’s apartment sometime after the shooting took place. It is unclear how long it was left inside the oven.

FBI Indianapolis Special Agent in Charge Herbert Stapleton said the agency is still working to recover data from a mobile device found in a toilet in the mall bathrooms. He said part of the process is trying to dry out the phone.

“We are not at a point where we have to top any type of forensic examination because we do still believe we are going to be able to recover some type of data but we don’t know for sure,” Stapleton said.

Stapleton said they are still working to access the device and hope if they are able to they can recover data. He didn’t have a timeline for when they might be able to complete the process.

Once Greenwood police and the FBI finish their investigations, Stapleton said he anticipates more information being released to the public through the media.

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