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An argument over Stimulus fund money led to a tragedy leaving four family members dead. According to reports, on Friday, Malik Halfacre got into a heated debate with the mother of one of his children, Jeanettrius Moore over how much he should receive from $1,400 of a Stimulus check. The next day, four people were dead including Jeanettrius’ 7-year-old daughter, Eve , her brother, 23-year-old Daquan Moore, her mother, 44-year-old Tomeeka Brown, and her cousin, 35-year-old Anthony Johnson.

Halfarce reportedly shot Moore, leaving her wounded and taking his six-month-old Malia Halfacre and going on the run. Authorities found the infant around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday safe and unharmed. Halfacre was arrested hours later.

IMPD Deputy Chief of Investigations Craig McCartt confirmed the shooting happened due to a dispute over the money. In a press conference MCCartt said, “We just know that there was an argument there that escalated to the point where he pulled out his weapon and started shooting everyone there in the home.”

Halfacre faces preliminary charges of murder, attempted murder and robbery.

SOURCE: WISH-TV | Newsweek

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