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As we know, though Hollywood (Omar J. Dorsey) was there for the storm, he’s still in Aunt Vi’s doghouse. When he comes to bring her some flowers for her garden, she blows them and him off. He tells Ralph Angel that he’s filing for divorce. What happens to Leanne then? Well, Hollywood figures he’s tried to help as much as he can but he needs his baby back and this is the step he has to take. When he shows up at the High Yellow to tell Aunt Vi he’s heading out back to the oil rigs (we guess the family scuttlebutt informed him of her new status) she’s a lot warmer. Hopefully that means their relationship is on the mend.

Back at Auntie’s some time later, Charley has called a family meeting. Uh-oh. What’s up now? As it turns out, Charley has news. The Boudreaux/Landry clan has stepped up its offer to buy the Bordelon land for $4 million. Charley’s probably thinking ‘I got that $3 million back I spent on Davis’ ho AND the money for I spent on seed cane.’

Yay! But as it turns out that $4 million comes with a catch. The land the Bordelons own borders the Landry/Boudreaux properties. Charley’s got a a a map and doesn’t understand what the family’s missing. Why does that shady family want the land so badly? Well, Aunt Vi and Prosper Denton have been keeping some info close to their chests. As it turns out, the Landry/Boudreaux used to own all that land.

They just want it back. And here’s the shocker – the Landry/Boudreaux clan used to own not just the land, but previous generations of Bordelons. Somewhere along the line, the Bordelons were freed, moved on up to Chi-City to work and save some money so that the Southern Bordelons could buy up some acreage. That paid off when the  Boudreaux/Landrys fell on hard times and had to sell some of their land to the Bordelons. That didn’t end up going so well, as the deeds were then ‘lost’ and a few Bordelon ancestors were lynched when they insisted on staying on land they owned. Umm, $4 million doesn’t seem quite enough to get the blood of my ancestors off your hands. Charley’s got a well to draw from so she’s like ‘We’re staying right here.”

That story is a sad and familiar one for Black farmers throughout history who’ve dealt with murder, theft and even being run from the cities where they owned homes or farms so that their land could be stolen. Once again, the Bordelons reflect the Black experience through their personal struggles and once again, they unite as a family to try to get through them.

Three episodes left – and after talking to the cast this week, we’re expecting that the best of the season is yet to come. You’ll read those interviews in the next weeks, but until then, enjoy this cast photo and an interview with the stars of Queen Sugar at a special event in New York.



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