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Dr. Karlos K. Hill, Professor, Author of "Beyond the Rope"

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When a curious and socially conscious academic delves into the history and impact of lynching on African Americans, he takes us to and most importantly, Beyond the Rope. Professor and Author, Dr. Karlos K. Hill draws on narrative theory and cultural studies methodologies to trace African Americans’ changing attitudes and relationships to lynching over the twentieth century.

Whereas African Americans are typically framed as victims of white lynch mob violence–that we know from an infamous double (almost triple) lynching here in Indiana– in both scholarly and public discourses, in his revealing conversation here and in his book, Beyond the Rope: The Impact of Lynching on Black Culture and Memory, Hill reveals that in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries African Americans lynched other African Americans so we delve into why. We also discuss the reasons that twentieth-century black writers envisaged African American lynch victims as exemplars of heroic manhood and who those strategic thought-leaders were.

By highlighing the deep and often times hidden histories of black vigilantism and consolidating our tales of lynching in African American literature that framed black victims of white lynch mob violence as heroic, Hill argues that rather than being static and one dimensional, African American attitudes towards lynching and the lynched black evolved in response to changing social and political contexts.

Click the media player below to listen to my conversation on lynching, its impact on our lives– from the history of the past to police action shootings in this modern era– to the movements to stop them with professor/author, Dr. Karlos K. Hill on “Access Indy with Kim Wells.”

FULL INTERVIEW (TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 37 MINS, 42 SECONDS) begins after a message from a sponsor. 

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