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It’s Friday somewhere in the world and yours starts officially in less than 3 hours! Thank you for hanging out with us on ‪#‎LoveAndRnB‬! Have you been enjoying the Summer Mini Concert Series? Tonight you heard the trendsetting S.O.S. Band in all of the greatness. Right about now someone is listening for your advice.  Call in at 844-258-8762 and share your thoughts about tonight’s  ‪#‎OHSOREALScenario‬:

Faye 33 broke off a 2 year engagement with her fiancé Curtis 34 after going through his phone and learning he was direct messaging other women on social media. Although Faye never suspected Curtis was a cheater, she decided to check his phone after he began locking it at night out of the blue. The messages consisted of Curtis asking for nude pictures of women and some had even given offered him their phone number. While Faye did not see any proof that Curtis actually called or met with any of the women, she felt like it was only a matter of time before he took things further.

Curtis says the messages were all in fun from women in different countries he never intended to meet and that he would never actually cheat on Faye. Curtis admits he allowed his fascination with social media go too far, but says he has closed all of his accounts for good and really only wants Faye to take him back. Faye is wondering if she should give Curtis another chance. Is direct messaging on social media the same as cheating if no one actually meets in person?

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