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Vice President Joe Biden is still ruminating over the fact that he decided to stay out of this year’s presidential election.

“I regret it every day,” Biden said to NBC Connecticut’s Keisha Grant. “But it was the right decision for my family and me.”

Biden opted not to enter the race after he lost his son, Beau Biden, to cancer at the young age of 46. Biden had been the Attorney General of Delaware and left behind a wife and two children when he passed. The vice president consistently said that he was prioritizing his family and allowing them to grieve as opposed to thrusting them in the spotlight for an election cycle.

Biden did however openly speculate about running against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic ticket in the summer of 2015. He officially announced his decision not to run on Oct. 21 at a press conference in the Rose Garden at the White House with President Barack Obama at his side.

Despite staying on the sidelines, Biden insists he will stay “deeply involved” and has expressed his support for both Clinton and Sanders, calling them both “good” candidates.

[SOURCE: NBC Connecticut]


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