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One Colorado school took it upon itself to tell young women of color how they should be acting.

A school providing a code of conduct for its students is one thing. But when that same school decides to zero in on Brown girls and base their advice on offensive stereotypes, we call that poor taste.

KDVR reports that, sadly, this is exactly the misstep that Martin Luther King Jr. Early College made. The Denver-area school put out a poster containing “101 Things Black And Latina Girls Should Know.”

Among the “must-know” tips were little nuggets like:

“Wearing too much makeup looks like a clown. Twerkin’ and grinding ain’t cute. Experience holding a book (not a kindle or reading on the Internet) this is so important for you to remember how far you have come as Black and Brown people.”

Why thank you, administrators, for taking the time to deliver advice in the most derogatory fashion possible. Who knew that a school staff could be so condescending and ignorant at the same time?!

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Student Christina Arzate addressed the poster content in the classiest way possible, stating, “There are some things that should not be said at all.”

Recognizing the error it made, the school issued a statement, pointing out that it is already working to rectify the situation. It assured:

“We understand the concerns raised by those who found the poster offensive and are reviewing this situation so that we can help prevent issues like this in the future. And, we will continue our work to support responsible and effective conversations about diversity in our schools.”

Administrators might want to keep that statement on-hand since they also created a poster about “101 Things Every Young Man Of Color Should Know.”


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