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Black women are really getting a chance to shine on network primetime TV this fall, and we’re so here for it! Check the scoreboard…or your local listings.

Representation matters, and as a Black female TV lover, it’s gratifying to see that we’re becoming a bigger presence on the primetime landscape. That’s not just because Black women are starring in so many shows, it’s the fact that we get to play so many different types of characters. We’re no longer just filling the role of the sassy Black friend, or the ratchet, or the mammie! Check out who’s heading up some of the shows you need to be watching this week!

Nicole Beharie – Sleepy Hollow, Mondays @9 PM on Fox

Season 2 of “Sleepy Hollow” returned last night, and Nicole Beharie was there to serve up everything that we loved about her last season. While she may not know all of the answers just yet, she’s clever, and she’s got deep moral convictions. Not to mention she gets to be a hero and central to the storyline! She’s basically one of the only people standing between the status quo and a monster attack of Biblical proportions. How cool is that?

Her sister, who shares her powers of spiritual perception, has also become a huge part of the plot. On the dark side of things, John Cho is batting for the bad guys. I wish I could say that such a diverse cast was standard in sci-fi, but it’s not. For that reason, I’ve really got to give the producers of “Sleepy Hollow” a huge round of applause.

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