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daniele watts arrest

New pictures of Daniele Watts (pictured in car) have been released of the actress straddling her husband in her car before her detainment last Thursday, according to TMZ.

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LAPD officers detained the “Django Unchained” actress and her husband, after witnesses phoned in their allegedly lewd act.

Their implication that Watts was a prostitute has led to nationwide discussions about racism and police misconduct.

Watts maintains that police only stopped her because she is a Black woman with a White husband; she also claims that she was only making out with him.

'Django Unchained' Actress Accused Of Prostitution Photographed Straddling Husband In Car

The picture tells a slightly different story, though, with one of them showing husband Brian Lucas grabbing on to the sunroof for support. Per a witness, Watts was “grinding” on her boyfriend’s lap with her breasts exposed. Watts eventually reached in to a car compartment for tissues to wipe herself and Lucas down before discarding it on the grass, the witness said.

People from a nearby office reportedly asked them to stop before contacting authorities, the witness added.

LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker, who detained Watts, defended his decision, saying he was only responding to a call about inappropriate activity. “I figured I could take care of this call and go get coffee and that was it,” Parker told the Los Angeles Times. But Watts’ outburst at the detainment complicated the situation.

“I was trying to ID them and leave — nobody wanted them arrested for having sex in public, but then she went in to her tirade,” he added.

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