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Ferguson at Turning Point as Streets Return to Relative Calm

The protests in Ferguson may have died down, but racial tensions have not cooled in the area.

In fact, they may be higher than ever. To add insult to injury, the police officers that patrol the area where makeshift memorials are erected for Michael Brown, are showing blatant disregard and even disrespect for the site.

According to the Huffington Post, an increasing number of flowers, teddy bears and signs continue to be near the site where Brown was killed; left there by people coming to offer their tributes. reported after Michael Brown’s mother came to place flowers at the site tensions between cops and the people there became even more inflamed.

The report also alleged that soon after Brown’s mother arrived at the site, cops turned out with dogs and stood near to the memorial – and at one point, an officer let his dog off it’s leash and, to the shock of the onlookers there, allowed it to urinated on the memorial. An eyewitness spoke to reporters at the scene telling them that she saw the dog pee on the memorial and was extremely distraught about it.

Witnesses also allege that when police drive past the memorial, they run over the memorial flowers in a flagrant display of disrespect.

De Andrea Nichols, a social entrepreneur from St. Louis, told The Huffington Post at the protests last week:

“This is bigger than Mike Brown. This is an issue that has been occurring regularly in our nation, and it took this death to make everyone go over the tipping point. In the future, we shouldn’t have to wait for something to happen to have our measures, our strategies, our tactics in place to prevent it.”