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08/05/14 –

An Indy daughter caught the attention of our morning show host, Tom Joyner, as she wrote a heartfelt letter to explain why her father, Richard Gibson, should be this week’s “Real Father Real Men” winner.


Dear Tom,

My father, Richard A. Gibson, the best man that i know.

If I were to describe the good things my father does based upon a movie quote I would in my best big red voice I would say “what don’t he do!” he still helps care for his 88 year old mother who is lovable and sassy and she wants to be.

One year he lost his father to cancer and the next year he lost 2 of his 4 sisters to cancer, within a week of each other. During that same period while one of my aunt’s was in one hospital, I was in another with a very serious illness that almost cost me my life so essentially he had 3 people to worry about at the same time. Through it all I have only seen him cry once and that was when he told me that his baby sister who was only 48 was not going to make it.

He has been very loyalty his job for almost 40 years. But they outsourced overseas; his choice was to either retire and lose his home, or work for another 10+ years. His current job pays less and he works 12+ hour days standing on concrete. This is very difficult for someone who’s had surgeries on both knees and has very bad arthritis.

He’s been married to my mother for over 30 years and he adores his queen. The only time my parents got away was when they rented a nice hotel within the city.  My mother doesn’t fly.

Tom, my dad is the epitome of a real man and he is proof that loyal/faithful men exist.

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