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Here at #TeamBeautiful we know that Kelly Price can sing. Better yet, she can saaaang. She’s lent her voice to hit songs, such as “Heartbreak Hotel,” “You Should’ve Told Me” and “Friend Of Mine” and has made us emotional through it all. But, the power vocalist and “R&B Divas” star was rocking to a different tune when she came to our studio to perform her new track “Its My Time,” which had us dancing all over the set!

In the new single the former “R&B Diva” addresses some of the fallout she experienced  but declares, “It’s my time to rise/It’s my time to shine/It’s my time to live/It’s my time to fly/It’s my time” and we hear her! This is definitely an ode to seizing the moment that we’ll be adding to our iPods for a boost and you’ll want to sing along too!

Watch Kelly perform our new favorite anthem in the video above and don’t forget to check out her new album, “Sing Pray Love Vol. 1: Sing,” that features the uptempo track.


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