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Dave Chappelle visited “David Letterman” last night for his first visit in over a decade, and again discussed why he quit his Comedy Central sketch series “Chappelle’s Show” in 2005.

“Technically, I never quit,” Chappelle said. “I’m seven years late for work.”

“Boy are you gonna be in trouble when you go back,” Letterman responded.

When asked if he regretted turning down “this enormous sum of money,” Chappelle said,

“It’s very hard to go through something like this because no one’s really done it before. There’s not too many people who don’t think I’m crazy, right?”

“I might be happier,” he said, talking about giving up somewhere in the range of $40 million. “I don’t know. There’s no way of knowing. But sometimes I listen to a Jay Z record and it starts to make me feel bad about some of the choices I made. This guy’s had more fun in two songs than I’ve had in the last 11 years.”