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Connie had to do the unthinkable as a mother. She watched her three children die back to back in 90s. She suspected it was AIDS but did not have the strength to find the cause of their illness. Once her husband became sick, they both mustered up the courage to get tested. They both tested positive.

The couple then registered in the Kanyama Health Center which provides life saving drugs to those infected with HIV and AIDS. From this experience, Connie never wanted another mother to go through the unthinkable anguish she endured from losing her three children.

In her home of Zambia, Connie became an AIDS ambassador. She visits the homes of mothers in her city and provides in-home testing and medical options. This type of personal home care aids in lowering the stigma of testing and saves lives.

“If my children had lived, I don’t think I would’ve have the time to give encouragement to anyone, because I wouldn’t have had the experience. I wouldn’t have the strength to give to a person. I think my life would be comfortable.”

From the usage of antiretroviral drugs and over coming precancerous lesions, Connie gave birth to an HIV-negative baby girl in 2012.

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