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Ladies, let’s be honest, we all say a few things to our men that make them squirm. Before you hit below the belt, check out the list!

  • I Don’t Like Your Friends: It’s not uncommon for you to not like a few of the guy friends that make up your man’s social group. Maybe this one guy is just too obnoxious for you or maybe he seems a bit too shady. Whatever the case may be, no matter how much you dislike a friend or two of his, it’s best to just keep it to yourself as it will only create an argument that neither you nor your man can win. Accept things for what they are and try to be as understanding as you can.

  • You’re Such a Momma’s Boy: Most men are close to their mothers in some way or another, and while he may compare some of your qualities to hers, no man wants to be told that he is a mama’s boy. A lot of men are extremely touchy and sensitive when it comes to their mothers, and no man really wants to be told that he is still a bit too attached to his mom. This is another statement worth keeping to yourself.
  • Do What You Want: Do what you want, I don’t care, and other empty statements are phrases and words that no man wants to hear. The fact is that even though you say these things, you don’t really mean them, and you and your man both know this. Instead of dancing around your real feelings and thoughts, just let them out.

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Source: Madame Noire