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On Sunday, every sports show took up time to weigh in on the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito scandal that has rocked the NFL and is shining a glaring spotlight on the Miami Dolphins locker room, for now.

But you can bet, before long, every NFL locker room in the league will be put on blast because of some type of inappropriate locker room behavior, which is sort of an oxymoron in my opinion.  An NFL locker room will never have the same kinds of rules as the break room at your company or mine. But when I tried to argue this point last week when this story first blew up, I was a monster.

The Text Tom Club members and Twitter followers said I was insensitive and a lot worse.  Sybil and J. called me out on the air saying, NFL players had the right to work in a safe environment, and the mamas in the studio with young boys who play sports were shooting me lethal looks that almost made me want to take a visit to our HR department.

But then I pulled up and composed myself, tried to take the emotions out of it and look at it more rationally.  Just about that time, I got the news that my old friend Tony “Touch Down” Dorsett is suffering from dementia because of head trauma he received playing in the NFL.  He’s just one of, who knows how many, who have played and are still playing in the NFL.  That’s to say nothing about the kids who have been playing tackle football since the age of 7.

If there was an issue that players, sportscasters, commentators and parents should be screaming about, it’s protecting boys and men from concussions, not protecting them from getting hurt feelings.

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