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We can’t believe it’s been two decades since we first met and fell in love with Khadijah, Synclaire, Regine, Max, Overton and Kyle — better known as the cast of the hit 90′s show “Living Single!” This year marks the 20th anniversary of the beloved sitcom and the show’s biggest success, Queen Latifah revealed to Essence that a reunion show with her old cast members may be in the works!

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That juicy little tidbit not only got us anxious, but we started reminiscing about one of our favorite sitcoms ever! And you know what we remembered most? Khadijah’s (played by Queen Latifah) love life was a revolving door of very handsome stars. Remember when that tall drank of water, Grant Hill desired Khadijah so much, he wrote a song about it? We’re hoping those rumors about the “Living Single” reunion is true! Check out Khadijah’s little black book below:

Scooter aka Cress Williams

I was always here for Khadijah and Scooter’s love. They started as friends, were always on-again, off-again, but their love was solid to the core.

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