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In 2009 the world lost a music legend in Michael Joseph Jackson. During his more than forty year long career The King of Pop gave fans countless hits and he inspired countless more.

Here is a sampling of artists that sampled Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5.

LL Cool J “Hey Lover”

The Trackmasters took Rod Temperton’s composition and gave LL new life with this one.

Michael Jackson, “The Lady In My Life”

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth “Appreciate”

Sadly, probably the last song Pete & C.L. will record together.


De La Soul “Breakadawn”

It’s hard to go wrong with a Stevie Wonder composition but those opening chords were ripe for the picking.

“I Can’t Help It”

Jay-Z “Izzo” (H.O.V.A)

The pre-Kardashian Kanye West lifted the guts of the Jackson’s “I Want You Back” to give Hov leverage for bringing  MJ to Summer Jam.

The Jackson 5 “I Want You Back”

Mos Def “U R The One”

One of the more interesting songs from an otherwise ho-hum album, True Magic.

“If I Don’t Love You This Way”

Ghostface, “All That I Got Is You”

“Maybe Tomorrow”

Naughty By Nature “OPP”

The Jackson 5 “ABC”

Fabolous “Baby”

“Can’t Help It”

Big Pun “You Ain’t A Killer”

“With A Child’s Heart”

(Producer Young Lord really worked to pull the TWO NOTES from this and flipped it)

Heavy D & The Boyz “Peaceful Journey”

The Jacksons “Heartbreak Hotel”

Kanye West, “Good Life”


Nas, “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”

Michael Jackson “Human Nature”

Q-Tip, “Move”

(This video confused the hell out of us because it’s inspired by “Rock With You” but that wasn’t the song sampled.)

The Jackson 5, “Dancing Machine”

Puff Daddy feat. The Lox – “All About The Benjamins” 

Instead sampling just a snipped for Biggie’s verse the Hitmen just opted to loop the whole song  when they realized how much it would cost.

The Jackson’s “It’s Great To Be Here”

Michael Jackson’s Most Controversial Moments

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