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Stevie J last year had this weird delusion that he could have both Mimi Faust andJoseline Hernandez and all would be right in the world. He even had them in a therapy session together, one of the stranger scenes on the show to date.

Despite all the shenaningans, he hasn’t quite let that image go.

While he and Joseline had their ups and downs, things appeared to be going great in recent episodes. Of course, Joseline had no idea he was bestowing gifts on his baby’s mama, including money she gave him to do that video in Puerto Rico. (She used the cash to get a boob job.)

Joseline was so into getting married to Stevie J, despite his commitment phobia, she bought him a ring and proposed. He accepted it – kinda. He took it in his own way: life partners. Not marriage partners.

The poor woman was so clouded by love, she took it to mean they were more or less engaged.

So when Stevie J invited her to the event space at Legal Sea Food downtown, she thought it was a celebration of her and him – not her, him and Mimi.

But she immediately became suspicious when she saw three champagne glasses. Then Mimi strolled in. Mimi had no idea what was going to happen either but when she heard Joseline had proposed to Stevie J, she knew Joseline was on a guaranteed road to pain and disappointment.

“I love you and I appreciate the ring,” he told Joseline. “I’m your family,” he added, looking at Joseline. Then he lookedat Mimi: “I’m your family. I’m both of your famly.”

Then he handed Joseline a ring as “life partners.”

“This life partner scenario,” he proclaimed. “I want to make it official.”

Joseline hugged him but looked confused, given Mimi’s presence.”This wasn’t right,” she said later. Mimi giggled – because she knew where this was going.

And indeed, Stevie J approached Mimi and gave her a ring, too!

Oh, yes. Stevie J somehow thought Joseline would be okay with this.

Joseline starts leaving, hitting the elevator button. He goes after her to talk. She gets way upset yelling “bitch!” and the security folks intervene. He somehow escapes. Joseline is stuck in the room with Mimi. Interestingly, she doesn’t go after Mimi, though Mimi is laughing at the entire scenario.

Later, Joseline implies that she and Stevie J are no longer together, though you know this is a TV show. That won’t happen.

“He took my heart away. I cried and cired. Then I got my a** up.  You know.. .work, work out and just be happy. F-love. I don’t want it!”

Earlier, Stevie J preached patience on the M word.

“You have to wait. That’s when you get the best results,” he said. “Have no fear. Good guy’s here.”

Stevie J earlier also tried to smooth things over between his homie Benzino and Joseline. Joseline was annoyed that Benzino had told Karlie Redd that they had smashed, then said she was lying. He then did a video with a Joseline lookalike implying that yes, he did that. She accepted his forgiveness, more or less, because the whole situation never really riled her up much anyway.


Kirk, two episodes removed from his little cheating escapade up in the mountains, tried to make amends to his wife Rasheeda. He threw some cheesy gifts at her, including balloons. She didn’t accept his apology – yet. And she still wanted a trial separation to give him some time to think about his actions. Divorce? Not going to happen. She never even posed that possibility.


Lil Scrappy got out of rehab to deal for his marijuana habit. He felt he had his addiction kicked and tried to straighten things out with Erica and Mama Dee. He told his mom that she doesn’t necessarily have to love Erica but she has to accept her and stop trying to come between them. (Good luck with that.).

He then tried to move forward with Erica and revive the engagement. But she didn’t go for it. She gave back his engagement ring. “After 11 years of trying, it’s time to let it go,” she said.

Uh huh. We’ll see about that.


K. Michelle decided to move to New York so she’s clearly exiting the show. She also forgave Rasheeda for her ratchet comments last season questioning K. Michelle’s past with an abusive man. The show helped her get a record deal but she feels it’s time to pursue life minus this show. (Maybe she’ll join the original “Love & Hip Hop”?)


Traci Steele didn’t get any air time at all in the final two episodes but they gave her a quick epilogue. She and Babey Drew were getting along in a co-parenting mode.


Oh, and Karlie Redd was on the show this season. Sort of. (She didn’t even merit an epilogue.)


Physical fights: one (Stevie J and Joseline).


TV ratings: The show’s ratings continue to move on up: 3.67 million last Monday, a season high again. The show is now averaging about 3.1 million viewers. I expect the numbers will go up for the season finale.

Source: AccessAtlanta