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We’ve had the opportunity to grow up with our favorite twins, Tia and Tamera, both on and off camera. From their high school and college days on “Sister Sister,” watching the drama unfold as Tia played Melanie on “The Game,” to their marriages and first born children and now their hilarious reality show. We’ve grown to love everything about them!

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The girls have definitely proven themselves to be role models in the Black community as they’ve successfully balanced a demanding career, mother hood and married the men of their dreams. Anyone else taking notes on just how they got the perfect life?

In case you’ve missed anything, here are the five most influential things we’ve learned throughout the years from the Mowry sisters!

5. Your Sibling Can & Should Be Your Best Friend

Aside from the fact that Tia and Tamera are identical twins, they’re also the best of friends! What more could you ask for? a sister and a bestie on call 24/7 all wrapped up into one! Watching Tia and Tamera’s relationship evolve from their “Sister Sister” days to more recently on their reality show has taught us that it’s possible to have a best friend in your family member, despite how much sibling rivalry you might go through!

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