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Ralo Wonder, Publishing Guru, Nascar team owner, Reality show producer, TV, Film and Music Mogul, and also best friends with Love & Hip Hop star Mimi’s Boyfriend (Nikko) is said to have played a major role in the demise of Porsha Stewart and soon-to-be ex hubby Kordell’s picture perfect marriage.

Apparently, Ralo, seen below, and Porsha had a real steamy side relationship that Kordell got wind of but couldn’t prove. It all may be coming to light since one of Ralo’s disgruntled business associates got a hold of Ralo’s cell phone with tons of evidence on it.

The pissed off associate is threatening to go to the media if he’s not paid money that he claims is owed to him. This is something Ralo and Porsha definitely do not want to happen.

They both stand to lose an awful lot if this information goes public. Ralo is engaged to Crystal Mocahantas who, rumor has it, will be replacing one of the Atlanta Housewives. Of course Porsha wouldn’t want this to hit the web…it would jack up her divorce case against Kordell.

We will keep you updated…cuz this story might be