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The saga continues at the Jackson compound in Calabassas.  While pics have hit the net showing Katherine Jackson, the sole caregiver for Paris, Blanket Prince, is doing “fine” in Arizona with daughter Rebbie, Paris is still popping off about being kept away from her grandmother.

While Jermaine and Katherine’s other kids maintain that Mrs. Jackson is not in any danger, Paris and the executors ofMichael Jackson‘s estate are telling the public they don’t believe it.  And they do believe she’s been kidnapped by her children.  Sigh.

Why would this be the case?  The executors believe, according to reports, that Katherine is the window to the children–who stand to inherit a hefty amount of money based on the will Michael left.  Supposedly, none of Michael’s sisters or brothers were included,  So certain people may be trying to create access to the children to get their part of the money in some way.

If that’s not confusing enough, Paris has taken to twitter as of a few hours ago to say she still hasn’t seen/heard from her grandmother.  And she’s ready to take action as it’s been 9 days.  Here’s a series of tweets from Paris–including one from her cousin:

Her cousin TJ (Tito Joe Jackson), who is the son of Michael’s brother Tito, has filed papers to take over being the kids’ temporary guardian.  And since all 3 kids are supposedly on board, a judge may just grant it to him.

Meanwhile, here’s some interesting footage from the surveillance cameras outside the Calabassas home of the Jacksons.  Janet and Randy can be seen trying to take Paris’ phone from her (after they make a calm and seemingly loving arrival hugging and kissing the kids).  And it leads to a slight scuffle and Janet and Randy filming the kids for some reason.

Source: THE YBF